A medina home

A medina home

The restoration of Dar Borj Dahab took us about three years. Major tasks included replacing ancient wood flooring and mismatched ‘modern’ tiles and building in contemporary utility features and installing all new plumbing and electrical wiring. Slowly, slowly, the house took shape, lovelier than we had hoped. Before we could call the job done, though, we had to consider how to make a traditionally restored dar really work for us and our guests. Our obsessive attention to detail resulted in a livable medina home with its historical integrity intact.

Nooks & crannies, special touches

Traditional Moroccan houses come with miscellaneous nooks and crannies, and Dar Borj Dahab has a few of those. We also built a new staircase from the front entrance up four floors to the terrace.

On the rooftop, we parted ways with tradition just slightly, removing the traditional ridges of a Moroccan rooftop, and creating a split-level terrace. We also had a removable cover made for our halka, to conserve warmth in the messreiya during winter and keeps rain out during the rainy season.

Most of the finishings in Dar Borj Dahab were designed specifically for the house, and with an idea to keep things simple. We love the special touches brought to our home by artisans plying their trades, and now, with the restoration well behind us, we are pleased with the results.

Visit us, and we think you will too!


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